OmniCode is a replacement for the now defunct 'Geekcode' and more!

From it's inception (0.0.1) I have been impressed with the thoroughness of Omnicode. It comes closest to describing the person of all of the "codes" I have encountered on the web. Because of that I have decided a Code creator needed to be developed in order to spread this wonderful new code.
None of the specific codes are required. It is a good idea to fill out at least one code or else your omnicode will be empty.
To skip a code just check the "skip" checkbox and then press the proceed button.
Most codes have modifier fields. These fields permit you to further describe the attribute you have selected.
To explain the rules I shall use the Ag (age) code as an example, but these rules apply to all modifier fields.
Let's say you have entered 1978 as your birth year but you wish to give more age related data. If you wish to add more data just put it in the modifier field. To indicate the birth month of December just type in "December". To modify a modifier, to make it even more detailed you place a period and then the further modifier. "December.06" Is one way to do it. If you felt like it you could just enter "December 06" as the modifier, that works just as well.

What if you are working with a code that can have more than one modifier. The UF code for instance allows you to modify the code with the attribute you most identify with. If you identify with two or more things then you separate the different modifiers with a comma. Let's bring it all together. If you like Pitr because he is cool (specifically his accent is cool) and he's evil then your modifier would look like this:
"cool.accent, evilness"
Whenever you can pick multiple codes be sure to put all of the modifiers you want for that code for each code you select rather than select the same attribute multiple times with only one modifier each. For example the Addiction code allows multiples. If you are addicted to Coke, Jolt, Mountain Dew, and the internet then select Addicted to caffeine once and enter "Coke, Jolt, Mountain Dew" in the modifier field. Then add another and this time select "Internet" as your addiction. This is preferred to selecting caffeine, putting "Coke" in the "Modifier" field and then selecting Caffeine two more times to further specify Jolt and Mountain Dew.
Click the button below to proceed to your Omnicode encoding experience.

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